These are just a few of our happy clients.  Let us show you why so many people workout with Fiscus Fitness:

"To those that have lost hope in attaining their fitness goals, feel completely confused on how to get started, or want to take that "next step", put your total trust in Fiscus Fitness. As professionals in the personal training business, they use the most practical methods and up-to-date information to help you attain your goals. And they make it really easy to follow. There has never been a moment where I felt anything I was asked to do was unreasonable, intimidating, or impossible…As a result of following all of Quinn's advice and guidance, I've gained 14 pounds of lean body mass and lost 24 pounds of fat in 12 months without the use of any performance-enhancing drugs or supplements beyond whey and creatine.  With all the thanks in the world!”

Dr. Philip Golinsky, Reston VA

"I highly recommend Quinn as THE fitness trainer. He cares and is highly professional, and he tailored each of my many workouts to my specific needs. As a middle age guy who did little exercise, I now have more energy, more focus on overall exercise and just feel much better about myself. I can't say enough positive things about my interactions with Quinn."

Aaron Schulman, Oak Hill, VA

“Training with Quinn has literally changed my life! I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

Starting Weight: 276 lbs.

Current Weight: 210 lbs. (and dropping)

Starting Blood Pressure: 160 / 121

Current Blood Pressure: 129 / 79

Starting Cholesterol: 290

Current Cholesterol: 201”

Jody James, Herndon, VA

I have to thank Michelle for everything. I don't think you know how happy I am with the progress you have guided me to make! My weight had been on a slow creeping incline for years and you turned that around and for that, I am so grateful!"

Karen Davis, Herndon, VA

"Quinn and Michelle have been invaluable to my training and nutrition. They are never too busy to help, be it choreographing a routine, aiding in a workout, or just answering a question. They have epitomized loyalty, support, and professionalism in every aspect.

With their guidance not only was I victorious in my first competition as overall Novice Division winner, but I was also back on the stage less than a year later as the overall Open Division winner, attaining my Pro status in only my second competition. This would not be possible without Fiscus Fitness.

If you want to succeed beyond what you ever thought, they will take you there."

William Moore, IFPA Bodybuilding Pro, Centreville, VA

“I am forever thankful to Quinn and Fiscus Fitness for preparing me for my first marathon. I was afraid of hitting “the wall” that runners had warned me about. But Quinn created a thorough running, strength training, flexibility and nutrition plan that carried me to a strong and pain-free finish. Not only did Quinn coach me, but he paced my hill & speed runs for me, made improvements to my running form, taught me form drills and plyometrics, and came to watch me on race day! I can confidently recommend him to anyone with any type of endurance goal based on my experience with him."

JT, Bristow, VA

“In 1985 I was diagnosed with shoulder bursitis…In 1999, I injured my back at work, resulting in frequent back spasms and severe pain…Years of physical therapy and working with trainers (five previously) never resolved my problems. Quinn addressed both problems…I am very pleased to share with you that I no longer have bursitis in my left shoulder, and I have not suffered from back spasms. Quinn was also the first and only trainer who focused on strengthening my inner core. As a result, not only did my back get stronger, but my balance and extension returned. Where physical therapy and other trainers failed, Quinn succeeded. My chiropractor even commented on how strong my back had become.”

D. Snyder, Reston, VA

"So how important is fitness and health and finding just the right trainer? I'll tell you….I've been working with Quinn for a few years now and our work together helped me get through a medical issue with strength, courage and conviction that otherwise might have been much more difficult. I'm very grateful for his support, knowledge and "yeah, a bonus rep" and recommend him highly if you are looking for building strong muscles, wellness and the right trainer,".

Judy Elliott, Reston, VA