Personal Training Resources

Sometimes it’s hard sifting through the enormous amount of fitness and nutrition information on the internet.  It all seems to conflict and is always changing.  After many years of research, we can recommend a few sites to help guide and motivate you along the way.


A great place to meet workout partners, find people to join you for group training, and register for Fiscus Fitness Boot Camps is at:



Sometimes fitness goals are just as much mental as physical.  For practical advice, inspiration and the most up to date research check out:



Confused how many calories are in a “handful” of nuts?  Nutrition data will break it down for you… by tablespoon, grams, or cups.  Find out the caloric information for thousands of foods:


After you know what you’re eating, do you know where you’re going to log it?  Check out this online tool to record your intake, track your weight, and log your exercise:


If you rather take photos than enter your intake into the computer, try this app instead which uses advanced technology to esimtate how many calories are in your meals and snacks just by your photograph:


Need a quick comparison of how the serving on your plate compares to an actual portion?  These two links give great visualizations of common foods in respect to everyday items you'll find around the house:


Looking for a place to talk to others in your situation?  Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle… forums offer a way to get feedback from others who are going through the same experience. You can check out an active online community at:


Another great resource is the Fitness Fiscus blog! You’ll find it right on this site.  We are always reading research studies and dissecting it for you in easy to understand language.  You’ll also find reviews on the latest diet and workout craze, training tips, and advice on some of the most debated issues in the industry.

If you ever have a question you want addressed on the blog, email Michelle.