How to Lose Weight

Posted by FiscusFitness, LLC on November 8, 2016



Have you tried dieting before, without results or perhaps even successfully, but haven’t been able to keep it up or keep the weight off?

I’m here to tell you the problem ISN’T you. It’s the “diet” you’ve chosen or the lack thereof. So, stop shaming yourself or believing you don’t have what it takes. Because you do. Seriously.

Every day you see the ads for amazing weight loss breakthroughs and revolutionary new supplements promising you expedited results with little effort. Even I have to admit, they can look very enticing. But do they have the magic bullet to get our country back in shape or are they opportunistic capitalists looking prey on our desires?

 We all know it’s almost always the latter. So, what keeps them in business? That voice in the back of our heads saying, “Well, the author is a doctor, it does kind of make sense, and they’ve got lots of testimonials. Maybe I’ll try it for 90 days, then I can go back to normal eating, but just eat fewer calories.” That does sound more attractive than the cold yet truthful moniker your trainer or dietician always gives you: “Eat a balanced diet. Everything in moderation.” Not so sexy, right?

So, you’re sold on the latest, greatest diet plan that everyone is talking about. The Military Diet. HMR. The latest greens cleanse or fast. Bulletproof. Whole 30. 21 Day Fix. A new one is out every month. And you know what? They all work.


You may not get the 20 lbs in 20 days that it claimed by some, but you will most likely lose some weight. But a quick drop in the number on the scale is all most of them care about, because they know you’ll tell your friends, who will also buy their product. And after you’ve gained it back 3 months later from a lack of a contingency plan and in some cases a compromised metabolism and lost lean body mass, they don’t care because they already got your money. So, you go searching for a “better” one, and the cycle continues. Or, equally bleak, you give up the fight entirely.

My whole point in this article is to point out that we’re not alone in this destructive, unhealthy yoyo we all go through. And there is a better approach to break the cycle.

Here are FISCUSFITNESS’ 4 REAL STEPS TO LOSE WEIGHT, keep it off AND be healthier in the process:

1.     INDIVIDUALIZE. Have your specific BMR (basal metabolic rate) tested or calculated by a professional (your trainer, doctor or dietician). This number is how many calories you actually burn in a day at rest. And it’s the first step in individualizing a meal plan for YOU, not a cookie-cutter plan sold at a steal.

2.     PLAN. Get some help creating a long term plan of eating, NOT a quick fix with empty promises. Not a diet. A lifestyle.

3.     ACCOUNTABILITY. This can be your trainer, your spouse, a friend or even an app. But you need someone ELSE there to poke you now and then and say, “Ahem...are you keeping up with your plan?”

4.     SUPPORT. Very important! This can also be a trainer, family member or friend. We ALL hit plateaus. We ALL lose motivation. We ALL need help. Having someone there for you to listen and encourage you will be the difference in your success. It really will.

Notice on this list there are no claims like “go gluten free,” “cut out all sugar,” “no carbs after 7 pm,” or “take this supplement or shake.” What do all of those have in common? They’re not necessary or sustainable for most people (though gluten intolerance and food allergies are a real phenomenon for many. See our article on the difference: ). So, next time there is a big diet/exercise/health craze that doesn’t anchor on these 4 principles, breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve evaded the trap. And when your friends lose their quick 10 pounds, tell them to come see you after they’ve gained it back and become tired of yoyo dieting.

In good health and happiness,

Your friends at FiscusFitness, LLC

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