Fitness Challenge Day 81

Posted by on March 27, 2014


Take a brisk five minute walk or jog in place for two minutes.

Lying Crossover Knee Stretch

Side Lunge with Side Reach

Lunge & Rock

Lower Push

Three rounds of the following circuit, resting one minute between each circuit.

Prisoner Squat Jump – 15 Reps

Frog Jumps – 15 Reps

Band Pistol Squat – 10 Reps

Squat Thrust – 10 Reps

Dumbbell Front Squat – 20 Reps

Ice Skater – 20 Total Jumps

Wall Sit – 30 Seconds

Mountain Climbers – 30 reps

After first time, rest one minute-- then repeat.

After second time, rest one minute-- then repeat again.

After third time go onto cool-down.  If you want to do the circuit a fourth time you can, but do not do it more than four times.


(Hold each stretch for 30 seconds on each side.)

Lying Single Knee Crossover & Shoulder Stretch

Seated Wide Leg Side Bend

Hip Flexor Lunge

Disclaimer: Always contact us if you are unsure about how to perform a movement. By attempting the workout above, you are assuming any and all risk that comes with exercising on your own, without trainer supervision. Always make sure you are cleared for exercise by your family physician.