Online Programs

You can work out with Fiscus Fitness no matter where you live!

We have several different programs to address your specific goal.

Our remote training plan is comprehensive.  You will receive written guides, video instructions, and access to us via email 24 hours a day.

We create programs for weight loss/toning, muscle gain/bodybuilding, maximum strength, sports performance, endurance athletics, post-rehabilitation, and general health.

Step 1: Fill out a contact form and tell us you are looking for in an online, out of state program. Be sure to be specific about your goals.

Step 2: We'll email you an in-depth questionnaire to obtain all the information we need to personalize your program.

Step 3: We'll create a workout and/or nutrition program that fits with your lifestyle. It'll be specific, progressive and easy to understand. We'll send it through email and stay in contact for support and updates.

(COMING SOON: You'll have access to instructional YouTube videos for detailed instruction on each exercise in your program.)

Step 4: Follow your program and see the results!