Personal Training Equipment

A lot of people think they have to own fancy equipment to have an in home personal trainer. That’s simply not the case. Sure, having a full gym in your basement helps; but we have more than enough equipment to give you a great workout!

If you want to lift heavy, we have adjustable dumbbells up to 90 pounds each. 

Looking for an agility workout?  We have hurdles, cones, and ladders to work on your speed and conditioning.

Maybe you want to focus on your core.  Well, then we’ll bring our fitness balls, floor mats, and bosu trainer to strengthen up that area.

Do you just want to “tone up”… ?  We have plenty of resistance bands, ankle weights, and medicine balls to hit all the right areas.

If you’re looking to drop several pounds, expect a more cardio focused workout incorporating our Reebok Step, jump rope, and boxing gloves.

Planning on trying a boot camp?  You will probably see a little bit everything and what we bring will change week to week, so you keep getting results.

The point is, no matter your goal.  We own the equipment to help get you there.