Personal Training Boot Camps

If you want the toughest workout for the smallest cost possible, boot camps are for you!

The biggest question we get is what is the difference between group training and a boot camp?

Group training is a private workout for 2-4 people.  It is specifically geared towards the group’s goals.

Boot camp is a pre-designed workout for a larger number of people.  The pace is a lot faster.  And, the workouts tend to be a bit harder because there is little rest.

That’s not to say beginners can’t join us.  We have plenty of new comers who come out to boot camps.  We always offer modifications. 

Boot camp tends to be a cost effective way to get a workout.  Because there are many people at class, the price is shared among all the participants. 

Fiscus Fitness offers several options for boot camps:

If you’re in Northern Virginia, check out our boot camps available through Meetup.Com

If you work in the Fairfax County School System, check out our boot camps available for before or after school.