Body Building

Whether it's just on your bucket list to step onstage or you dream of winning your pro card in a bodybuilding, bikini, figure or physique competition, Fiscus Fitness has the expertise to help you.  It is a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.  But, if you put in the time we can help you make your experience on the stage a memorable and successful one. We've put over a dozen competitors onstage in the past several years.

We offer three types of programs, so no matter where you are in the competition process, we've got you covered.

1. "Off Season" Package

(When you need to build upon your body's foundation first before you make the final weight cut to compete.)


  • Consult and Body Analysis: We'll go over your training history, body type, strong and weak points, body fat percentage, measurements, and goals.

  • Detailed weekly workout regimen (3 – 10 workouts per week, depending on various factors) sent to you via e-mail.  Optional 60-minute training sessions (1-5 per week or as needed) to give the extra push and edge over your competitors.
  • “Off-season” meal plan for optimal results that takes in account every calorie,  optimal macronutrient ratios, and supplementation.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly picture/posing assessment and/or measurements & body fat percentage checks.
  • Program updates via e-mail to keep your progress headed in the right direction.
  • Fill out the Inquiry Form on our homepage for more information and for pricing, etc.

2. Contest Prep Cut Package

(You've got the foundation, and it's time to get lean or ripped, depending on your category.)
  • Everything included in the off-season program is included in this program, but the workouts and meal plan are geared towards expedient body fat loss while maintaining the right amount of muscle for your competition.
  • Also includes new weight training, cardio and supplementation guidelines that take you week by week up until your show date, as you'll need to be more aggressive with those.
  • Stricter meal plan with updated macronutrients, supplementation reccomendations and water/sodium parameters when applicable.
  • Fill out the inquiry form on our homepage for more information on pricing, etc.

3. Contest Day Package

  • With this package, we'll help you with posing, via online or in person (which begins 4-12 weeks out depending on your level).  You can choose daily or weekly help to perfect your technique and look your best.
  • You'll get a final week meal plan to make sure you are the perfect balance of lean and musclular possible at the show (this differs greatly between divisions like bodybuilding versus bikini).
  • Optional Finals routine choreography.
  • We answer all the questions you may have about where to buy posing suits/trunks, which bronzers/tanners/oils to use, when to be ready, etc.
We can also offer hands-on help at the show!
  • Show day bronzer/oil application.
  • Backstage support (make sure you’re meal timing is on and you pump up at the right times).
  • High resolution pictures when you’re onstage.
  • Contest Timeline for you that covers everything from pre-show polygraphs (if applicable) to check-in time and  the award's ceremony.
  •  8-week rebound meal plan to boost your metabolism without gaining excess fat after the extended cut.
If you have any questions, go back to our homepage and fill out the inquiry form. We'll get back to you with all the answers you need.